Driving Stupid

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Another of my Don’t Do Stupid stories.

Each of my Model A Fords[mfn]The one pictured here is from an online sales add – none of mine looked this good.[/mfn] had running boards, wide fenders, and bumpers.1930 Ford A 4-d
What we did could also have been done on any car with the same configuration. The stunt was always done with all the windows rolled down, so we’d have hold-on places.

The Model A Ford was the ideal vehicle because it had a throttle lever that could be set to keep speed without pressing on the accelerator pedal on the floor.

The front seat passenger would slide to his/her left and take the wheel. The driver would open his/her door and step onto the running board as the transitioning passenger slid into driving position.

The former driver would close the door while standing on the running board and crawl up the fender, cross the vehicle on the front bumper, go down the fender and enter the vehicle on the passenger side.

A variation was for the original driver to make it to the passenger seat via the back of the vehicle. There was also the four-passenger version.

No one I know of tried roof surfing. We weren’t that stupid! However, Don’t do driving stupid.[mfn]Remember Forest Gump’s reference to stupid?[/mfn]