Put off ‘till Later Stupid

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Why I’m posting another of my Don’t Do Stupid stories.

This isn’t another ‘motorcycle stupid’ but it involves a motorcycle activity.
As an E-3 stationed on Okinawa in 1957, I had the privilege of having a car, but I couldn’t afford one. One of the guys who was leaving had a small motorcycle for sale – cheep. I’d ridden the Whizzer motorbike and my uncle’s Harley, so I wasn’t totally without experience. I bought the 1949 98cc[mfn]I think, but not sure. I know it was a small engine.[/mfn] two-stroke Honda for $20.

I was assigned day shift and was on a 12/6 schedule. That meant most of my time was riding in the dark during the months of February through May. On my one a weekday off, I did a number of daylight trips around the island. The ½ gallon tank was good for about 60 miles and gas on base was only 15 cents a gallon.

Part of the reason the motorcycle was so cheap, was the wiring. The wiring was simple, just the ignition system, and headlight/taillight system. Being an electronics technician, I was no stranger to wiring. I fixed the ignition wiring first and with good intentions of a complete re-wire of the lights, I made them ‘just’ work.

One of my first day outings with the motorcycle was a ride to one of the other US bases on the island. I don’t remember which base, but I decided to take in a move.

Yes, it was dark when the movie was over. I was at a reasonable speed[mfn]It didn’t have a speedometer.[/mfn] for a dark and a bumpy road when the headlight went out about a mile from my base. I slowed a little and hit it with my hand. It came back on. All I saw ahead of me was a rice paddy at the T in the road.

Fortunately, my speed was low enough to get stopped. I pushed the bike to base and did a complete rewire job my next day off.

Safety equipment has a reason! Underline safety and don’t do put off ‘till later stupid!