Motorcycle Stupid II

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But wait! There are more of my don’t do stupid stories. The link tells where I got the idea.

Memories of motorcycle skills may be every bit as dangerous as lack of skills.

I’d like to declare that older and wiser comes with age. But at what age? It’s been over 40 years since I proved some wisdoms don’t occur in a man’s early 40s.

Some of the men in our church proposed taking the ‘youth’ on a motorcycle outing. I jumped right in with memories of… Well, you can guess, and the lilac bush incident had been set aside.[mfn]See my first motorcycle stupid blog.[/mfn]

We, I on a borrowed bike, did some novice trails, then some did a few more difficult. One of the teens who had more time on a motorcycle than I did in my entire 40 some years asked if they (the boys) could do a hill jump.

His request was granted and we ‘adults’ watched. One of the boys asked if any of us wanted to try and we could use his equipped for such activity bike. One of the dads with considerable skill, took his son’s motorcycle up the incline and landed over the top.

Stupid took over my mind and I mounted the bike the first boy offered. I had enough speed to clear the top but thought I should give it a quick shot of fuel to insure a good finish.

Did you ever see someone do a wheelie going up a 45-degree slope? Gravity trumped my memory of skill!

Neither I nor the motorcycle sustained any damage, but I should have known – don’t do motorcycle stupid!

I’d had other two-wheeler stupids, but that was my last one.