Classroom Stupid

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During the 1950s, we were expected to learn things in high school.[mfn]I’m not trying to imply expectations have changed since then.[/mfn] I learned enough to just get along,[mfn]Final GPA of 2.25.[/mfn] but some things I learned had nothing to do with academics.

I didn’t play baseball.[mfn]Why I didn’t is one story I told in Before Grandpa was Thirteen [/mfn] But baseball got me kicked out of my junior year US History class.


I got me kicked out.

Our teacher had his radio on for the 1953 World Series when we came into the room. Several boys, most of them on Teacher’s baseball team and some from another classroom, took front seats which voided the seating chart.

Teacher told us to read something or put answers on a worksheet he had his student aid handout. My friend made a paper airplane with his worksheet and fired it across the room.

Teacher told him to pick it up. Friend said, “Don’t tell me what to do,” and left the room on his own.

I stood and said, “I don’t like baseball either and we shouldn’t have to listen to it.” My comment got me another short visit with Principal, but only for the rest of the class period.

Friend skipped, but I had something to read during the rest of the games.

I had no idea how much of a baseball fan the teacher was.[mfn]FYI, the NY Yankees took the series from the Brooklyn Dodgers, and I had to look up the result for this post.[/mfn]

I had other school ‘fox poxes’[mfn]I know it’s faux pas, but that’s how some of us said it in the 1950s.[/mfn], but this one was a good example of don’t do classroom stupid.

PS: I got an academic C for the year in US History.

There will be more of my don’t do stupid stories. As before, This link tells where I got the idea.