End of Don’t do Stupid

Today's Post
I’ve decided to end my don’t do stupid stories
This doesn’t mean I didn’t do other stupid things – I just need to change my focus again.
I still need to give credit one more time to where I got the idea for blogging my stupid acts. This link tells about it.

So what’s next one might inquire. Perhaps more than one might ask.
Right now, I’m not sure.
There are several factors on the close horizon.

  • I’ve downsized my WP subscription which may change the visual format.
    • A number of HTML formatting codes will still appear in older blogs.
      • If I go back and make those changes, I might hit my 90s before that gets finished.
  • I’d like to do an opinion series, but I could even accidentally offend myself.
  • A ‘how to’ series seems like a waste of time, any expert advice I might give might be considered an opinion.
    • Whose opinion is it that I could give EXPERT advice?
  • I could do book reviews. But aren’t they just an opinion.
  • Reviewing the opinion of others might … I DO NOT WANT TO GO THERE!

Considering that I am of Nordic stock, have roots in North Dakota, and am past my mid-octogenarisim, shouldn’t I be able to express exactly how I feel. I think so, but that might be just my octogenary opinion. (Yes, octogenary is a real word.)