Reverse Learning Curve

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Being an ‘unofficially-normal’ octogenarian, I remember more about what happened than specifics about events.

My grandparents and their peers were weaned from crank telephones. And many didn’t like the new-fangled dial phones or the end of party lines which kept them from rubbernecking on neighbors.

Four or five digits to dial were changed to seven or ten, then dial phones were upgraded to keypad. Etc.,ect, …

I used HTML, not expertly, but well enough to do this web site. Writing in code is not the default for my downgrade so, I’m trying to learn a new way again.

The down grade, for economic reasons, leaves some code visible in my older posts, but going back for removal isn’t practical. So, if you see “[mfn] some words here [/mfn]” that was a footnote. Other HTML code may show in older posts, but the world will not come to an end because of them.

If I don’t learn the new methods, I’ve avoided learning new things with workarounds before, so bear with me as I get into posting my octogenarian opinions.

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