If I was a Candidate

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Political advertising is nearly at its peak as October wanes.


If I was a candidate for office my opponent could say, “Candidate Benson was associated with an American Nazi – investigated by FBI – disciplined by Army – …”


Each of the above is true.

Several of us were late for morning formation at Ft. Devens. We were all punished under the Army’s Article-15 and restricted to base for a weekend. (But weekend passes were not allowed while we were in training.)

Every applicant for service in the Army Security Agency had a background investigation by the FBI as a requisite for a security clearance. (I served with a TS clearance.)

I hired a check-out clerk named John Patler. Later, during the FBI investigation of his shooting of Lincoln Rockwell, the American Nazi party leader, I learned that the clerk had been a captain in the American Nazi Party and the editor and cartoonist for the party’s magazine, Stormtrooper. (My my store manager told me to hire him.)


An opponent could find more events, but I’ve hopefully made my point about how I might be viewed if I was a candidate.

PS: I’ve chosen to not run for anything or even to run around a topic

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