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The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is October 15 – December 7, but the repeated redundant ads for supplements and the like start much, much earlier. Those ads are my second least favorite TV show interrupters.

Each presenter seems to have the same message. Many if not most include hints about free stuff if I just call the number posted or flashing on the screen.

If I’m not absorbed in the voice message or the large print on the screen, I may see something like, ‘Compensated Presenter’ flash somewhere.

Endorsers, often flash captioned as ‘Real Person’ give a single line statement for a complex and regulated part of the program(s). Sometimes I see ‘Compensated Endorser’ flashed on the screen.

Nearly every one of these ads I’ve seen has some kind of disclaimer.

I ask tongue in (or out of) cheek:

  • If there is no cost to me, who pays?
  • Don’t compensated presenters just play role (act out a script) for money whether they believe in what they’re saying or not?
  • Do compensated endorsers do the same as above?
  • Do we need to be told a compensated endorser is a real person?
    • Could someone have developed a fully realistic robotic talking head?
  • Why are disclaimers often printed in white, small fount on a pale color background?
  • Is there an assumption that everyone can read 5 or 10 times the average reading speed and get the meaning of a four-line disclaimer before the screen is switched?

I said second least favorite for the above. Need I mention my first least favorites occur every two years instead of annually?

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