Two Dollar

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Last week, I started my 8.6th decade. Yesterday, I got a $2.00* haircut. Well, I paid $17.00 plus a tip for the one who gave it.

Way back in 1947 or it may have been 1948, I earned $2.00 a day for driving a tractor pulling a combine.

My life would have been different had I been paid $2.00 an hour at the Firestone recapping place in Minneapolis instead of $1.25 for the 36 hour a week job.

My YMCA room was a little over $3.00 a day which left me with $2.00 a day for meals and other necessities.

I spent my last $2.00 on a bus ticket from Minneapolis ‘back home’ to Alexandria, MN. There were no jobs there, so I joined the Army on August 5, 1955.

Army pay for new enlistees was just a little over $2.00 a day, but room and board was free.

So, the $2.00 bus ticket set the course that blessed me with the last 6.3+ decades.

*What the hair cutter probably grossed for the ten minutes of work.

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