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When is the last time you used that thing/stuff.

My favorite kept for years thing was the used only once 36mm special socket for removing my Volkswagen rear axle nut*. There might be others, but it comes to mind as I start this.

Yes! I’ve experienced ‘as soon as you get rid of it, you’ll need it.’ But I’m still over halfway through my octogenarianism without great harm for not keeping stuff.

About 20 years ago, I got rid of stuff I’d been keeping for unrememberable years in case I needed one of the elements of stuff for a project. We sold our house and hadn’t found a replacement, so most of our needed (and admittedly some unneeded) stuff went into storage.

Isn’t it amazing how much procrastination defining stuff we collect. You know: might need it, too good to toss, someone else could use it, etc. stuff fills our space until faced with the need to get something shelved behind it. Then there’s the question, “What did I put in that box?”

However, before that move, I eliminated a small truck load of fix it later stuff. I also sent other stuff in reasonable condition but had no definable future in my spare time ventures to people who might keep the stuff for the same reason.

Then the garage sale (tag sale to those of you on the east coast): People bargained for things or stuff they will save or use until they sell at their own sale. GS is many times followed by a trip to a second hand retail facility where one can get a tax deduction receipt, or not. I’ve never been concerned about the few cents difference it would make in my tax load.

After moving into our current home, I decided to have a garden. After giving the metal storage shed left behind by the previous owner to someone who thought they could use it, I had the space. Then I realized that I needed a ‘keep the critters out’ fence.

All of the material I needed was provided by someone who wanted to get rid of his fence. Of course, there was more material than I needed. But, I thought, or think I thought, I could use the rest later.

Last week, now nearly eighteen years later, the chain-link fencing material went to a Christian school fundraiser.

I still have stuff, but not so much.

*After being presented for sale at several garage sales, the afore mentioned socket was gifted to a guy who claimed to know a guy who was restoring a VW.

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