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Octogenarianism: the state1Some have said it’s Florida; others say Arizona. of being an octogenarian.
I spent several minutes looking for the coffee mug I filled earlier. I found it in the microwave. My but-firsting2Loosely defined as doing something before you start something or interrupting a task with another. must have been a short project because the coffee was still hot.

I’ve recently had some thoughts about but-firsting and had more than one thought about writing my thoughts about such thoughts or actions. But first, I decided to finish the grocery list.

I started this post on the day after the big game-not the Phoenix Open-but first had to do the “Now What” post (02/13/23).

So then, as my octogenarian memory serves me, but firsting didn’t start in my eighties. As a teen or earlier when I asked to go out and play, or just said I was going to do so, Mother sometimes said, and that’s a long time ago, “But first, you need to…”

No! I am not blaming my mother.

But firsts are well related to should haves, could haves, must haves, but not pear or peach halves. Pear halves, peach halves or pineapple slices are best suited for name your fruit upside down cakes the baking of which could be a but firster.

There I go drifting away from my first intent. Perhaps I’m just a drifter. But wait, The Drifters were an American doo-wop and R&B/soul vocal group formed in the early 1950s. I couldn’t be a Drifter because I couldn’t sing then or now.

I need to get back to my dissertation about but firsting, but first I need to find my coffee cup again. I hope it’s not cold or I’ll have to conceal it in the microwave again.

But first, I…

However,3Often substituted for but. my octogenarian mind wonders if but firsting a symptom of octogenarianism or do others also suffer from it.

  • 1
    Some have said it’s Florida; others say Arizona.
  • 2
    Loosely defined as doing something before you start something or interrupting a task with another.
  • 3
    Often substituted for but.

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  1. I, Lowell, was second to JM who was the first son of our parents. So, if anyone wants a change from but first send me a note and I will email a booklet – Pairs of what that illustrates a partial obsession with things associated with two.

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