I Wonder

a casino called ilani1 to sing in the Cowlitz language is just north of where I live. even its literature skips a never to broken rule we learned who knows when, but a long time ago.

a capitalization site, one of which is tells most of us what we were taught, oh so carefully taught, when we were young.
if the aforementioned as a sentence did not follow said rules, would you not understand it?
i cannot dispute that reading, “red rock, mt, may be named for red rock in the area,” could be confusing if not for an understanding of context; or if written, “there is red rock near red rock, mt.” Nah! Capitalization makes it easier.
However, should words starting in lowercase be continued in uppercase like iPhone… if so, ilani would be iLani, and a new rule would be included in the sight cited above. Right?

”What a new rule,” or “What, a new rule?”

Wont is a habit.

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    to sing in the Cowlitz language

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