Everyone Again?

Everyone is talking about the ox carts! ER, Oscars, I think.


At risk of being redundant, by this post, I am included.

But everyone?

Does everyone remember Oscar Madison? Anyone? Is he about whom everyone is talking?

In my mind ox carts may be more practical than Oscars1Do I have to capitalize oscar in this case?.

Oscars are inanimate, but so are ox carts.

Do you know anyone who can carry a load of hay or cans of milk in an oscar?

Everyone cannot carry things in an ox cart because an ox or work animal is necessary and most dray pulling animals are no longer common this country.

However, anyone who has a cart and ox might be able to carry a load of male bovine droppings, which the Oscars are to some. Well, I’m included in the immediately afore mentioned ‘some.’
Everyone probably does not share my opinion, but anyone can.

Rant Rant
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    Do I have to capitalize oscar in this case?

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