of crocus and aches

Spring indicators are popping up. The crocus is just one of them. I cannot not mention the daffodil, my sister’s favorite, and my wife’s favorite the dandelion.

I’m sure I’m allergic to any or all of them.

I’m not talking about the regular spring allergies. I have a little of that problem too. But I know that within a few days or a week or so after seeing a crocus or other early flowers I’ll have muscle aches.

I’m certain the condition I have is not felt by those who live in apartments. I’m also certain many, if not nearly all, home owners have the same condition triggered by those colorful indicators of spring.

Our regional weather did its annual pre-summer teaser and people like me got the aches of spring, surely triggered by the blooms. I feel muscles that were completely painless until after I saw them on my walk two days ago.

Those multicolored soil popups caused me to clean flower beds and rototill my garden spot.

doggone flowers

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  1. Dear brother, in ND your sisters favorite flower was the crocus, My favorite is still the Virginia mertensa, a pale blue bell that is pink before maturing to the blue.

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