All of the recent talk show discussion about Artificial Intelligence reminded me that AI was much more difficult for my generation. Some of us octogenarians and septuagenarians remember one who suggested how to supplement our alleged limited intelligence.

I’ve mentioned spill chick that helps me voluntarily or otherwise when I’m writing. I consider that word processing feature a real bonus. I was a poor spiller as a student, and still don’t rapidly recognize misspelled words. Look it up in a dictionary was only an option if I recognized the error. I’m better at it now, but if that was the only life skill I needed, I’d still be in grammar school.

Their saying they’re over there has never been a problem for me to get right. My however here is that spill chic or whatever the WP program is, sometimes tells me I’ve used the wrong t word.

What would a student do today if assigned to write a paper on: Analytic and Algebraic Topology of Locally Euclidean Metrization of Infinitely Differentiable Riemannian Manifold.

Recognize the line? No? See a reminder.1Tom Lehrer – Lobachevsky (with lyrics) 1953

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    Tom Lehrer – Lobachevsky (with lyrics) 1953

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