Looking Back, Wondering Forward

In 2012 my first book An Odyssey of Illusions was published by Black Rose Writing. I made a dreadful discovery after it was published. It had errors. I had assumed a publisher would have had an editor to point them out. Without that input, I made assumption it was OK and didn’t seek a prepublication reader/editor. However, in their defense, they did offer for fee editing services. My naiveite and emotional rush of being accepted for publication got the best of me and I approved it for publication.

I spent considerable time writing, without intent of public publication, “Benson Family Bible 1899-1999” a chronology told with discovered or recovered documents, verifiable handwritten notes, letters, and newspaper articles related to Bjorn Arne Benson and Josine Oline (Pederson) Benson and their children.

Nescient Decoy was self-published on Amazon in 2018 and my start, and restart, Echoes of Nam went on Amazon in 2019.

My stories to grandkids, Before Grandpa was Thirteen (2019) and Thirteen in a Coupe` (2022) were taken from what I had started as memoirs. I have many unpublished but drafted stories about my Army time but may just include them in a collection of short stories. One of those Army stories was trimmed for publication in our local newspaper The Columbian. read here

I took a slightly revised version of An Odyssey of Illusions and used it for the first half of Iniquities of the Fathers and self-published it in 2020.

Game Time: A week in October went to Amazon in 2021.

My most recent 530 novel writing hours will be called “Joe and Charli’s Moonlight on the Highway”, but I’ve not decided if I should seek an agent, publisher, or just do the Amazon thing again.