Getting It Done

It can be anything, doncha1Sometimes used by persons claiming certain ancestral nationalities as a substitute for don’t you know, then. know!
To start getting it done, a committee will be formed, within the next thirty (30) days, to select the right people to get it done. The group, herein and hereafter will be known as the Action On It Committee (AOIC). The first action by the AOIC will be to select chairs of subcommittees, within thirty (30) days, who will then select the chair of AOIC with the stipulation that the chair of the AOIC cannot be one of the subcommittee chairs.

The role of the subcommittees will be to determine an ‘it’ important to a 2/3 majority of the subcommittee members, not including the subcommittee chair within thirty (30) days. The subcommittees chairs will, within thirty (30) days, submit their subcommittee’s it to the AOIC for consideration of the most and least important its.

If the least important and most important its have an equal number of votes, its with one less vote in each of the two levels will be considered and the new it will be ruled into consideration by the AOIC within thirty (30) days.

Should there be a second tie, all its will lose consideration status and the process will start again within thirty (30) days.

Volunteers for AOIC selection committee must apply with a pre-committee approved format in triplicate within the next thirty (30) days. Community input is being sought by the committee yet to be formed so the most important it will be considered for action if approved by AOIC when finalized.

The AOIC moto, “Getting it Done” has been selected by a group of persons authorized to start committees.

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    Sometimes used by persons claiming certain ancestral nationalities as a substitute for don’t you know, then.

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  1. And then the committee will send out a survey with a deadline to all relevant and non relevant entities and require that everyone fill it out by a certain deadline and then this committee will boast about the numbers and the number of people that filled out the survey without actually getting anything done.

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