Clarify Please

Scrolling banner on news program this morning:
“… pilot parachutes to safety after a glider crash.”1The bold is my doing.

Would someone please clarify which of the meanings of after fit the incident.

adverb: following in time or place; we arrived shortly after; returned 20 years after

preposition: behind in place; people lined up one after another

subsequent to in time or order; 20 minutes after 6

subsequent to and in view of; after all our advice

conjunction: subsequently to the time when; We will come after we make plans.

adjective: later in time, in after years

Perhaps the sequence of events went: the pilot crashed the glider onto a ledge 1000 ft. above the base of a cliff and parachuted to safety after the crash.

Or, maybe it was a mid-air crash.

Well, most of us will assume the glider crashed after the pilot bailed out, but why not say it correctly in the first place?
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    The bold is my doing.