One Hand

Dupuytren contracture is a painless1in most cases, but not recently in my case condition that causes one or more fingers to bend toward the palm of the hand.

Facing surgery2August 10 for correction of the syndrome on my left little finger, I anticipate trying to keyboard with one hand. I’ve been practicing not using my it and the one interior to it for a few weeks.

Awkward to say the least!

I’m sure I’ll not be at the keyboard for at least a week when the dressing comes off and my left index finger can substitute for five-fingers. I’ve been assured of the full function of the little finger after physical therapy–about six weeks.

We’ll see!

Just say’n my next post will be when I can click the keys with all ten.

  • 1
    in most cases, but not recently in my case
  • 2
    August 10

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