JMB photo Privacy Policy
*This site is the personal site of John Morris Benson, an author.
*The limited commercial intent is to promote his writing and a few ideas on his blog.
*The only data collected is the E-mail address of those who seek contact via the “Contact” page and those who comment on any page. Unless there is a continuing conversation, the data will be deleted in 90 days.
*Owner/Author reserves the right to not respond to inappropriateness. JMB appreciates both negative and positive feedback on his work. All opinions about JMB’s work will be considered as feedback, however opinions on other matters will probably be considered inappropriate for this site – whether JMB agrees or not.
*Benson Tech Write does not conduct business through this site, however the owner will respond to contact requests and redirect communications as appropriate for the requester, JMB, and BTW.
BTW does not have its own site.

This policy also applies to I, JMB Say

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