A message sent to Solar Books from my sister:

March 28, 2022

No complaints, just wanted to pass on a bit of the bizarre.

The author of {An Odyssey of Illusions} is my brother.he book is out of print, and I had loaned my autographed copy from my brother to someone, and it has yet to be returned to me, so I decided to order the used copy.

The book {you sent} is autographed “To Jake with love from Uncle John” and then signed by my brother. Jake (my sister-in-law’s nephew) passed away a few years back somewhere in the Midwest.

Who knew that the book would end up back in the family? What a wonderful surprise when I opened the front cover of the book.


Thanks so much for sharing that with me! I love to hear those stories. I also shared it with my team who also appreciated it. What a small world this can be sometimes.

Lindsey, Solr Books