I was born in Sanish, North Dakota, in 1936 – the first of five boys and two girls. We were raised all over the western United States until I was nearly ten.

During the late 1940s, my widowed mother moved to Alexandria, MN, where I was graduated from Central High School in 1955.

My nearly ten year Cold War military service was with the Army Security Agency in the U.S., Far East, and Europe. My first writing was developing classified technical documents for the Agency as a GS-5 civilian.

After working retail management for a number of years, I earned my BA in Technology Education at Central Washington University. My MS in School Administration is from Portland State University was achieved while teaching in Kelso Schools in Kelso, WA. Several of my vocational education articles were published in national journals and I presented several of my papers at state, regional and national vocational conferences.

While still teaching, I had technical writing contract with Tektronix in Beaverton, OR. My writing for Tektronix turned into other technical writing opportunities at
Weyerhaeuser, FormFactor Industries1It was Cascade Microtech when I wrote there., Bottom Line Technologies (BLT), USNR, Clark College of Vancouver, WA, and several others.

I taught in Christian schools, did contract technical writing and substituted as a teacher and administrator in Vancouver schools after retiring from public school teaching.

My wife since 1959 and I live in Vancouver, WA. We have three adult children, seven adult grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

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    It was Cascade Microtech when I wrote there.