Vietnam Vets Day

Echoes of Nam: Absence from war is not the same as peace of the soul.

Many went
Many came back
None were the same
This is for all who went
Any one of us who served
Could have been one of them
And any family could be related

Honor is due for the 58,000 and the others too!

Coffee Again

In case you missed it, coffee is in the news again! I had a previous post about coffee, but this one is slightly modified. But most of us know coffee is also slightly modified to taste of the user, er, drinker.

As was my prior post, this message is for coffee lovers, coffee likers, and those who say they don’t need coffee, but drink it anyway. If you just have tea, substitute the t word wherever you see the c word.

Another most recent study1I have no personal scientific study reference, just what was said by a news anchor. confirms that coffee is not going to kill us. Awesome, I say again! Scientific studies which I never intend to verify give evidence that the teeny-weeny little parts of coffee which are harmful are so insignificant that we are more apt to die from breathing than from consumption of them.

I cannot remember reading the study that confirmed that the other c, cranberries, would not kill us. Well, I sort of remember something about one would have to consume a quart a day every day for about 20 or so years for whatever was in the cranberries to do the evil deed.

Oh no! I’ve had about four or more cups (mugs) of coffee nearly every day for at least 70 years. Four cups = a quart, so… But wait, I drank coffee not cranberry juice.

OK! I confess! I started sneaking sips of my mother’s brew on cold North Dakota mornings. I continued my wont2Could have been want. in Minnesota and took advantage of church basement potluck coffee. Remember the deep red, green, or other non-clear plastic cups? They disguised the coffee quite well. The only problem was they were not designed for hot, but I acted polite by using a napkin on the outside as if being ready to mop up a spill.

Grandma Larson delivered Grandpa’s coffee to the field in a paper sack wrapped canning jar. There seemed to be enough for me to have some too. After Grandma headed back to the house, of course. Grandpa was far more lenient about that and tobacco than Grandma.3He never offered a roll-your-own Bull Durham, but may have if I asked. But as I was told, and I believe it, Grandpa took a cup to Grandma every morning to get her up before he went to do the morning milking.

Eventually it became age appropriate to drink coffee and I didn’t have to sneak.

Well, I need to quit before I get into a great controversy I can’t talk my way out of of which I cannot talk my way out. Don’t want to end in a preposition!

And more important, it’s COFFEE break time. Which mug shown below would you use?

  • 1
    I have no personal scientific study reference, just what was said by a news anchor.
  • 2
    Could have been want.
  • 3
    He never offered a roll-your-own Bull Durham, but may have if I asked.

of crocus and aches

Spring indicators are popping up. The crocus is just one of them. I cannot not mention the daffodil, my sister’s favorite, and my wife’s favorite the dandelion.

I’m sure I’m allergic to any or all of them.

I’m not talking about the regular spring allergies. I have a little of that problem too. But I know that within a few days or a week or so after seeing a crocus or other early flowers I’ll have muscle aches.

I’m certain the condition I have is not felt by those who live in apartments. I’m also certain many, if not nearly all, home owners have the same condition triggered by those colorful indicators of spring.

Our regional weather did its annual pre-summer teaser and people like me got the aches of spring, surely triggered by the blooms. I feel muscles that were completely painless until after I saw them on my walk two days ago.

Those multicolored soil popups caused me to clean flower beds and rototill my garden spot.

doggone flowers

Everyone Again?

Everyone is talking about the ox carts! ER, Oscars, I think.


At risk of being redundant, by this post, I am included.

But everyone?

Does everyone remember Oscar Madison? Anyone? Is he about whom everyone is talking?

In my mind ox carts may be more practical than Oscars1Do I have to capitalize oscar in this case?.

Oscars are inanimate, but so are ox carts.

Do you know anyone who can carry a load of hay or cans of milk in an oscar?

Everyone cannot carry things in an ox cart because an ox or work animal is necessary and most dray pulling animals are no longer common this country.

However, anyone who has a cart and ox might be able to carry a load of male bovine droppings, which the Oscars are to some. Well, I’m included in the immediately afore mentioned ‘some.’
Everyone probably does not share my opinion, but anyone can.

Rant Rant
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    Do I have to capitalize oscar in this case?


Everyone is talking about it!
Well, by this post, I am included.
But everyone?

My plan for today was to get up early and post some random nonsense about DST.

I set my alarm.


My device went to DST automatically and I was up two hours early.

Would everyone say I posted nonsense?


spring now, fall later