Peeved and Relieved


Could this kind of post be a pet peeve for someone?


As you readers know, a pet peeve is a minor annoyance that one1usually a person finds irritating. But isn’t ‘pet peeve’ also an oxymoron as oxymoron is itself an oxymoron?2Could the answer be blowing in the wind?

Before I get to my point3not what you might see if I remove my hat: A pet is an animal kept primarily for companionship, entertainment, or a nonhuman to love. A peeve is something that really annoys one4see footnote 1 again.

Can one5as said before, see footnote 1 love or be entertained by an annoyance?

In no sense of the word, do I love a pet peeve. However I am entertained, or anticipate entertainment by one6not the meaning of ‘one’ in previous footnotes..

I’m sure many of you have experienced this: a driver passes you at speed limit+, weaves in and out of traffic, etc. – a cause for peevement7if peevement is not a word, I’ll take credit for inventing it..

Being relieved from peeved is when I pull alongside that driver at the next stoplight. Now that’s the entertainment factor!

And who can be peeved while being entertained?

Just say’n, doncha know.

  • 1
    usually a person
  • 2
    Could the answer be blowing in the wind?
  • 3
    not what you might see if I remove my hat
  • 4
    see footnote 1 again
  • 5
    as said before, see footnote 1
  • 6
    not the meaning of ‘one’ in previous footnotes.
  • 7
    if peevement is not a word, I’ll take credit for inventing it.


I read that Washington and Minnesota are two of the states with the most pothole problems.


One definition of pothole is: a sizable rounded often water-filled depression in land.

Most streets where we see potholes are on the surface of the earth, so by definition they are part of the land.

Everyone knows water is wet, so can one interpret that definition to declare or just consider a pothole to be a kind of wetland?

Washington state has a robust regulatory framework to protect wetlands and under those laws, it is illegal to fill or alter a wetland without a permit.

The permit process is designed to ensure that any impacts to wetlands are minimized and mitigated.

So then, could the lengthy, documentation heavy permit process be a reason/excuse for not filling them before they become larger wetlands … er … potholes.

Just say’n.

November Monday

Mondays pop up every week, don’t they?

This November has four and this is the second of them.


This time of the year in the PNW we have only a few fair-weather gardeners outside workdays left. The last three have been days anyone would not want to work in the yard, go to the shore (east coast) go to the beach (west coast) or just get a good ration of vitamin D.

Last Friday we were entering one of those wet Memorial Day parade weekends. My inside time was used to mostly finished serious formatting changes in my most recent novel,1There is more to writing a book than writing a book! in case my beta readers tell me it is worthy of pursuing publication. If they are not so sure, I still enjoyed the process.

My yard gets mowed by a service until the day before Thanksgiving. I usually have my rototilling by this time, but I have also considered no garden for next year, so rototilling has become this octogenarian’s low priority need, want, or choice.

So, back to November Monday, then. This day could be my last chance to finish the bits and pieces of yard work in prep for winter. Yes, we have winter in the PNW, just not like the nostalgic Midwest ones. Well, for this octogenarian those days are only good for impressing grandchildren with how much fun it was. Or how bad it was. Or …

The November Monday morning is waning as is the sunshine. My yard debris will be picked up tomorrow morning, so I need to get away from my keyboard. There will be plenty of rainy days to return to this activity.

Just say’n.

  • 1
    There is more to writing a book than writing a book!



On this 11th day of November, 2023, we remember and honor all who served in our military.

Stars and Stripes

Also remember the families of those who went to serve and didn’t survive.

Any one of us who served could have been one of them, and any family could be related.

So, on this this day we honor those who served,
also be aware that for many survivors,
absence from war is not the same as peace of the soul.

Just say’n.