Summer Again

For reasons unknown to me,

did not get into my 2023 Garden this year.
After a very wet April and a dry May the crops are looking good. Corn will be more than knee high before the 4th of July.

So, I should get
crops again.

Well, I didn’t put in cabbage, but there is kale1Not for me–for my granddaughter..

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    Not for me–for my granddaughter.

day for remembrance

Stars and Stripes

Memorial Day is a day for remembrance of those who died in service to our country.

It’s been 80 years this month since Arne Gerhard Benson died at Ft. Lewis1Now part of Joint Base Lewis-McChord., WA.
I have no oral history but based on documents he is the only member of my family who died while in military service.

Click to read more about him:

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    Now part of Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

Am I Doing Bad?

This spring, I may have done something bad again.

I suppose I should have known better, but I’ve done the same thing before with no visible repercussions. They1Whoever or whomever they are. say intent to do wrong is part of how the bad doer should be chided, or in some places punished.

I plead ignorance. However, on Perry Mason, I learned ignorance of the law is no excuse. I still plead lack of knowledge caused me to do the deed in the past and again this year. But does ignorance apply to laws of nature. Experience like missing a rung on a ladder confirm the law of gravity, but what about unexperienced laws.

Many have told me directly or indirectly that what I was doing was beneficial to mankind and nature.

Now I feel what the bovines would feel about producing methane gas if they had feelings, and who is to say that they don’t have feelings. They might but are just unaware of the impact they are allegedly2I’m using allegedly because, I’ve not studied the issue and have heard both sides ad nauseam. having on our environment.

I just read an article mentioning that food waste and unsold food being put into landfills is producing large amounts of methane gas.

So, if this is true, my garden compost pile must also be contributing to the problem. But if I stop composting and put the food scraps into the landfill …

Is it worth staying up nights with perspiring worry about being this kind of bad?

What will the long-term consequences be if I just eat peelings, stalks, seeds, and leaves of the non-meat food I consume and produce methane in the mode of the bovines?

Perhaps I can form a committee to decide who should be on a committee to decide where to lay fault.

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    Whoever or whomever they are.
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    I’m using allegedly because, I’ve not studied the issue and have heard both sides ad nauseam.