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I’ve decided to share some of my published work for those who didn’t buy a copy. Thus, I’ve added a new page, < GP 13. My plan is to post a chapter each day, then move it to I, JMB Say. That process has started, so you’ll see the current chapter on < GP 13 and the previous chapter on I, JMB Say.
If you prefer a paperback or Kindle version click Before Grandpa was Thirteen

Please use the Contact link for any communications.
If you don’t hear back in two days, feel free to use any method I’ve responded to in the past. Thanks!
** I reserve the right to not respond to inappropriateness. However, I appreciate both negative and positive feedback on my work. All opinions will be considered as feedback. **

John Morris Benson is a member of Oregon Christian WritersI am a Christian who writes, but Christian content is not my forte`.

‘Twas Blind But Now I See
by my granddaughter Sarah Keimig.

My current blog is Hunkering Down XIV

You may have guessed that I draft my current series of blogs a day ahead, but I do edit for after-draft changes before posting.

Public answer to a question I received on my Contact page. I do all of the work on this web site myself. I learn from WP help pages and other sites.

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