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vailable on Amazon now: Before Grandpa was Thirteen: Stories I Told my Grandchildren
These books are still available:
Nescient Decoy Book was very interesting – slow for me to get into, but after the first chapter, I couldn’t put it down. Great ending left me wondering what the next book will bring. – CJ Bear
What a fun, exciting read. A real page-turner with vivid and “takes-you-there” descriptions! I really enjoyed it. – C Goddard

Echoes of Nam Even though a work of fiction, in ECHOES OF NAM, John Benson does a superb job in articulating the mental and physical pain, confusion and suffering that many survivors of war deal with daily. Even as a combat vet, this story has affected the way I look at homelessness among veterans. While the V.A. has come a long way in dealing with PTSD and other disorders facing our soldiers, sadly there are many who still “slip through the cracks.” For that reason alone, this could be a true story. – Ray LePoidevin [Author of Alternate Route]

I just finished Echoes of Nam – found it to be enticing, i.e. couldn’t put my Kindle down. Although touted as fiction, I sense that there were interviews of a few ‘Nam vets who had stories to tell but lacked the wherewithal to formulate a book with several stories tied together.
The weaving of various security agencies activities through the book evokes the imagination of readers who have no idea as to what goes on behind closed doors, much less the Faraday cages. I’ve known just a few people who served in ‘Nam – am sure that many of them could fully understand the loss of memory. Quite glad that I was too young for Korea and too old for ‘Nam service. Hey bro’ very good job with this book.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Best Advice I Ever Heard with my contribution “Good, Very Good, Best” is available in paperback nearly everywhere.

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