Who Says?

Direct quote from a ‘view’ without author credit in a newspaper:
A combination of economic realities have combined to reduce the number of programs and teachers, leaving millions of young children across the country without access to a preschool setting that can influence their academic and behavioral futures.

The writer1Or, was it AI generated??? of the article must/might be included in the group without having had the afore mentioned setting. The subject of the sentence ‘combination’ is singular, therefore it should read ‘has combined’ not have combined.2The writer may have been thinking ‘realities’ the object of a preposition, was the subject.

This octogenarian did not go to preschool or kindergarten and missed half or more of grades one through three but earned a BA and MS.

Many well educated and successful octogenarians I know do not have preschool or kindergarten in their academic resume. Do I dare say play time was not harmful to their academic and behavioral futures?

One of my college professors with a PhD did not finish high school. Is it possible his not having a high school diploma is the result of no preschool or kindergarten?

A friend–National Merit Scholar–finished high school with a D average and went to a private preschool and kindergarten. Oh, he has a BA and MS GPA of 4.00.

Bill Gates never finished his undergraduate degree—the billionaire dropped out of Harvard University. Was he set up for success by going to preschool and kindergarten?

Just say’n, … errr … just ask’n!

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    Or, was it AI generated???
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    The writer may have been thinking ‘realities’ the object of a preposition, was the subject.