Amy Newmark

Publisher/Editor Amy Newmark:

“I’ve been the publisher and editor-in-chief of Chicken Soup for the Soul since 2008, and I’ve been privileged to publish 182 of our books during that time, comprising almost 18,000 stories. I’ve also read about 15,000 stories that were published in the Chicken Soup for the Soul books that predated me. And then there are the tens of thousands of stories that I’ve read that were submitted to us but not used in our books.

It’s a lot of reading, but more importantly, it’s a lot of exposure to the personal, revealing, introspective stories that our writers have shared with us. I’ve noticed certain recurring themes, and they all revolve around finding a path to happiness. Over these fourteen years, I’ve developed an understanding of what makes people tick and what helps the most in that quest.

So, this new collection of Chicken Soup for the Soul stories presents to you the ten most important keys to happiness based on my analysis of those tens of thousands of stories. I’ve tried out these ten keys to happiness in my own life and I can report that I am a happier, more grateful, more grounded, and more relaxed person as a result.

The wonderful thing is that you already have all the necessary tools to find your happiness — you just need to learn how to use them. And I chose these 101 inspirational, true stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul’s library as great examples for you — so that you can figure out how you will use these ten keys to happiness in your own life. You don’t have to implement all ten keys, by the way. Even one will make a huge difference!”