Ward of the State


reviously in Iniquities of the Fathers: Twelve-year-old Levi Robert Reising runs away from his depressing Oatville, North Dakota, home and convinces Minneapolis authorities he is Lee Juan Sanchez. He is taken from his ‘permanent’ foster home for sassing a teacher after a playground fight. Mrs. Brown is a CPS representative and the Murphys provide temporary foster care.

While driving Lee from the Rasmussen’s home to the Murphy’s home, Mrs. Brown said, “You need to understand that you are still a ward of the State.”

Lee asked, “Ward?”

“Yes, ward.” She sounded as if reciting a document. “A ward of the state is one under eighteen whose parents have died, who has no identifiable parents, one who has no responsible adult relatives, or who has been taken from his parents by action of the court.”

Her tone softened. “You are one who came to us on your own with just that note for identification. You are considered abandoned. Sometimes we get a runaway with a fairly convincing oral story, but it doesn’t take long for us to find out.”

Brown, concentrating on traffic, did not see Lee cringe while she continued. “With local runaways there is usually someone looking for them but there have been no inquiries about a boy of your description. Sometimes we get what we call LDRs, kids who manage to get all the way across the country. We figure them out fairly fast. In your case, we have had no response to our letter to the Bakersfield police asking about Mrs. Smith who signed the letter sending you on the bus to your uncle. They’re probably as busy as we are, and a runaway is just a low priority for them.”

She knows!

Lee asked, “You think I ran away?”

“I didn’t say that Lee. I’m just trying to explain a little.”

Sounds a little like Ma when she was bending the truth.

“What will happen to me now?”

“You will stay with the Murphy’s again. Hopefully you’ll be taken by another family if one is willing. I’ll be frank with you Lee; most families do not want a problem child. So this might well be your last chance.”

“Those boys at school shoved me first!”

“That could very well be, but we have to go on what was reported. But, since I actually do believe that part of your story, I’m convicted to give you another chance.”

Convicted – nine letters – found guilty. She must mean convinced.

“Now I’m going to tell you something not to scare you but to make you aware. There are several places for troubled children or those who do not fit well in foster care or at one of the orphanages.”

If I have to go to an orphan place, I’ll just confess and go back to Oatville.

Her tone changed to harsh, “And, you certainly do not want to end up at the Red Wing Training School.”

She really does say some of her words like Aunt Winnie Mae did in Texas.

“Red Wing?”

“It’s a place in Red Wing, Minnesota, where delinquent boys are sent. Some even have to stay there until they are twenty-one if they are considered incorrigible. And, believe you me young man, it is not a pleasant place to be.”

Incorrigible – twelve letters – incapable of being reformed. Crap! Like jail – like Dad. If I confess, they’ll think I’m incorrigible. I said I’d not be like Dad, but he lied all the time and now I tell so many I’m being just like him.


ext: Lee gets comfortable at the Murphy’s and hopes to be adopted but there will be more foster families and an institution before he makes his next decision to go on the run.

Does he reconnect with his family?

Iniquities of the Fathers does not yet have a publisher.

Pedagogical Dissertation

This is a pedagogical dissertation pedantically developed specifically for publication in a journal of which the content can be comprehended only by those capable of expressing and conveying accelerated levels of understanding of fiscal concepts yet unfathomable by the tattered masses among us.
An intellectually stimulating article deemed to be acceptable to a scholastic peer review board for submission to an elite academic journal.


n the end, every person must account for their own actions. All motivation for actual actions related to accountability is irrelevant to the concept that any of the species humankind is the objective of non-prejudicial termination (Pick1To the best of this writer’s knowledge, none of Pick’s writings have ever been published, but he did make this statement in a number of hand written notes while working on his unpublished dissertation at the Jackson Scholar Campus of Southwestern Mississippi State Teachers College., Apt2Apt cited Pick in at least three articles written for the now out-of-circulation Common Man’s Responsibility to Academia Newsletter., and Fitting3Fitting sited Apt’s citing of Pick3Probably the incomplete and unpublished work of Pick. from two of Apt’s articles referred to above, 1980). Verifiable positive determination of the fiscal debt one should reimburse, deserves to recompense, or is able to remunerate will not be made until the fully integrated priority program necessitates that urgent consideration be applied to the issue of intended and unintended behavior as demonstrated by a supervised and un-perjured application of the thesis in question as cited by the previously referenced authors.4Arrears and Due, et.al., You and I in Debt, Deficit Press, Orange County, CA, 1993, pg 21

As a resulting implication of the perceived debt owed to one’s own kind, the successors of one’s own kind, and the offspring of those not of one’s own kind and based on clinical observations of non-participants involved in observing pedagogic activities at any publicly supported student service facility, the incorporation of additional functioning constraints probably maximizes the probability of negative gains in emotional debt and minimizes the expectations of the affective cost and time required for the evolution of positive performance criteria over a given time period. In this regard, a primary interrelation between focused administrative objectives and instruction or learning technologies, as well as any assumed supporting elements such as ad-hoc committees of offspring producers, their peers and identified opponents, presents extremely frustrating challenges and adds overriding performance enhancing constraints to the covert and overt behaviors of the human subsystem at the public agency where such activities are integrated or are under thoughtful investigation for integration applications.
Thus, a constant flow of effective information about real encumbrances and perceived encumbrances is further compounded when reviewing the pedagogical mood which is based on the functionaries’ perceptions of the real and disproportionate funding tasks to be performed by the supporting public, cooperate sources, as well as those responsible for enforcing federal, state and local law, and IRS regulations related to the fiscal issues as perceived by principals involved in or responsible for such activities.
However, the long range goals of those who are pedantry might be better served by recognizing the social, physical, economic, and spiritual needs of the identified subsystem do have some validity within the framework of the “it is possible to save them all at the cost of the established society”5Gettenall and Takenit, Society Expanded in Parallel to Taxation and Local Pedantic Issues, Self-Published, Allrbright, MN, 1986, pg 63 oriented philosophy of post puberty pre-adult education philosophy as proposed by the authors referenced in the above citation.
Squeezing a single lump of coal might one day produce a diamond; however, squeezing the coal miner might cause the unavailability of lumps for squeezing.


am fully aware that most will consider what I just said to be male bovine droppings.6I’m sure most are aware of the two letters or two words I’ve chosen to not use here.



n reference to a recent public, nonspecific inquiry someone posted about how busy I may appear to be with my writing activities, I must explain briefly that my somewhat explainable compulsive assiduousness might possibly be based on my self-generated mental obsession with a perceived necessity to significantly rationalize a constant flow of culturally suspect written communication which may present extremely interesting challenges to and must be integrated with the evolution of communications trends over an undefined recent time period; therefore, I must give in-depth and thoughtful consideration to any discrete configuration of currently mandated language sensitizing criteria before I can formulate a believable answer to fill this space in such a way as to appear credible and non-offensive to the entire range of readers who could develop into responders or follow up inquirers.1Originally written in the 1990s to demonstrate single sentence nonsense.
In other words – I’ve got nothing to say.


hen is April 1st?




omething that has an unpredictable outcome – crapshoot is in my vocabulary again. Early in 2012, I signed a contract to have my novel An Odyssey of Illusions published by Black Rose Writers . I had great expectations but never for its being on anyone’s best seller list. I believed that the cover alone would attract readers at any bookstore.

I need to say that I do not intend this post to be a negative statement about Black Rose Writers . Publishers are in business to make a profit and I find nothing wrong with that. My having been naive about publishing practices is the real focus.
I thought Black Rose Writers was a real publisher until two experiences led me to believe that the book fell into the self-published category. When Several bookstores I contacted told me that they did not purchase and shelve self-published books unless there was a real potential for resale my beliefs were confirmed. They may have sold the gift copies I sent to them, but I have no confirmation of that.

I also contacted some reviewers but found that they would only review self-published work for a fee; thus, I had a second confirmation.
Real statistics on self-published novels are difficult to analyze and even more difficult to find. One alleged statistic caught my attention a number of years ago. It would be easier to remember the exact data if I could remember by whom it was said or in what it was written.
What I read or heard went something like this: Statistically, self-published authors sell an average of eight more copies than they self-purchase to give to friends and family.

I beat that statistic for Odyssey of Illusions – fourteen paperbacks and eight e-versions of the book were sold and I had one direct sale from my personal shelf. Oh, I bought 60 copies directly from the publisher (AKA printing facilitator now imbed in my mind). Six copies were donated and sold at charity auction and I gave copies to friends and family. The balance of my collection is my ‘free from the publisher’ copy and two others.

I earned a whopping $46.70 in royalties and my total cost, including shipping, was $1,270.49. Thus, I was published at the cost of $1,223.79. Black Rose Writers got that amount plus $252.57 for the sales ($1,476.36 total). Well, the publisher did pay something to have the book printed and converted to e-book, so its profit wasn’t very much either.
Would I do a for fee publication again? No!

The price for the gifts and donations is not out of line in the great scheme of things. And, there have been times when I learned a lot less at a much greater cost.

If you’ve read any of my recent blogs, you’d know I’ve done no fee self-publishing through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Now I’m faced with a dilemma and believe my next effort will be a crapshoot. I’ve made significant changes to what was An Odyssey of Illusions and have retitled it Iniquities of the Fathers.

The search for a ‘real’ publisher started last year and I was encouraged by a publisher via e-mail for six months. After that I quired some agents but got no replies. I found some publishers that had published similar work but did not take over-the-transom (unsolicited) submissions. One publisher suggested an alternate route for submission – if you guessed a fee was involved, you’d be right.

Well, I’ve taken a crapshoot and sent the manuscript to two publishers that weren’t specific about taking only agented work. Based on their web sites, I’ll be waiting as long as 30 days before acknowledgement of receipt.


elf publishing is still an option, but I’d really like it to appear on shelves as a hardback for those who still like to browse a bookstore or Library.



hange is difficult. Change will wear a hole in your pocket if you have too much. However, change in the pocket is good unless it’s the only funds one has. It would be especially good if the change in your pocket is a hand full of 1907-P 10 Dollar Gold Indian NGC/PCGS MS64s. I get off track easily – that’s not the change I mean.

For many years, I was fastidious about keeping track of finances – even balancing the check book to the penny. That included entering every receipt into Quick Books, so I’d have an exact sales tax expense and other details to tell IRS. “Yada – yada -yada!” I’m off track again!


emember carbon paper? I failed to use it for a major paper in college and the prof lost my 20 pages. I became a backup junkie after doing a re-write from an incomplete set of notes. My stack of 5 ¼ floppies copied onto an external drive from my Apple II were backed up with stacks of self-carboning paper from my tractor feed dot-matrix printer. Then there was the tray of 3 ½ diskettes and …

Then someone developed Cloud technology. That’s the change I’ve made. I worked from cloud files on my laptop and when I returned from a trip, my experimentally changed files were available on my desktop.


hange is good.

PS: I just donated one of my external terabyte hard drives to a fundraiser garage sale.