Cheat Sheet

I did not originate this list and give credit to whomever made it available to me well over 30 years ago.
When you need to say nothing use one or more, but at least one from each list. Use different words if needed to clarify your intent.
1. In reference to your inquiry,
2. In particular,
3. On the other hand,
4. However,
5. Similarly,
6. As a resultant implication,
7. In this regard,
8. Based on integral subsystem considerations,
9. Based on clinical observations,
10. For example,
11. To meet the goals,
12. thus,
13. In respect to specific goals,
1. a large portion of the interface coordination communication
2. a large portion of the interface activities
3. a constant flow of effective information
4. a constant flow of ineffective information
5. the characterization of specific criteria
6. initiation of critical subsystem development
7. initiation of critical goal development
8. the fully integrated test program
9. the fully integrated behavioral objectives
10. the produce configuration baseline
11. any associated supporting element
12. the incorporation of additional mission constraints
13. the independent functional principle
14. a primary interrelation between system and subsystem technologies
15. a primary interrelation between operational and research technologies
1. must be integrated with
2. must utilize and be functionally interwoven with
3. maximizes the probability of project success and minimizes the cost and time required for
4. adds explicit performance limits to
5. necessitates that urgent consideration be applied to
6. requires considerable systems analysis and trade-off studies to arrive at
7. is further compounded when taking into account
8. presents extremely interesting challenges to
9. recognizes the importance of other systems and the necessity for
10. recognizes the importance of other challenges and the necessity for
11. effects a significant implementation of
12. adds overriding performance constraints to
1. the sophisticated hardware
2. the anticipated fourth-generation equipment
3. the subsystem compatibility testing
4. the structural design, based on system engineering concepts
5. the preliminary qualification limit
6. the philosophy of commonality and standardization
7. the greater fight-worthiness concept
8. any discrete configuration mode
9. the total system rationale.