I Therefore Resolve


blog post

Years go I decided to not go with the crowd of New Year’s resolution makers.

So, since then I’ve not had to feel guilty about:

Not Losing XXX pounds 1Three Xs does not mean in the hundreds, nor would one X mean less than ten if….

Not Gaining a few pounds 2Of course gaining British pounds might require some other kind of resolution.

Not Cutting down on coffee/tea/sugary drinks 3Well, I don’t care for tea that much and sugary drinks are random and in small quantities.

Not Eating Better 4Getting into octogenarianism leads me to believe my eating habits are OK for me.

Not Walking rain or shine 5In local reality, rain or shine could be easily modified by cold or heat, thus nullifying the commitment.

Not Writing every day 6Why would I want to keep this commitment if a relative, especially a great-grandchild is visiting.

Not Reading a book a week 7What else could I do during my waking hours if I picked up Xavier Herbert’s Poor Fellow My Country – 852,000 words, or Victor Hugo’s only 545,925 word Les Misérables?

Not Accessing social media 8Where else would I find the truth about…

Not Etc. 9Did you expect a comment I consider clever in this note?