Scroll and pen
My first writing was developing classified technical documents for the ASA as a GS-5 civilian at Vint Hill Farms Station, VA.

Several of my vocational education articles were published in national journals Industrial Education, School Shop/Tech Directions, and the Vocational Education Journal. ((As far as I can determine, these are out of print.)) I presented several unpublished papers at state, regional and national vocational conferences.

Tektronix of Beaverton, OR, contracted me to write a series of technical manuals for school related equipment. My writing for Tektronix turned into other technical writing opportunities. I did contract work developing test instrument processes for Weyerhaeuser, and Cascade Microtech.
CCC, Clark College of Vancouver, WA, hired me to to a training feasibility study and develop a training package for SEH America, Vancouver, WA.
I was also employed as a technical writer by Bottom Line Technologies (BLT) a phone card company and USNR a lumber processing equipment manufacturer between 1994 and 2000.

I dabbled at fiction over the years, but got serious in the mid 2000s.
My first non vocational publication was in Reader’s Digest. But it was vocational related .

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