elcome to my new home page.

Some of my blogs have been archived. I you want to see one of them and remember the content, title, etc., use my contact page and I’ll try to recover it for you.


I did not write the code to do any of the actions demonstrated here. There are a number of sites where most code can be found and used without financial commitment. Try mouse over the underlined words.

Did you notice the first paragraph is indented and this one has hanging indents. I recently learned how to enlarge a picture with mouse over. Slide your cursor over the graphic below to see what I mean.



also discovered that some of the HTML I learned years ago doesn’t work with WP, but the line above this paragraph can be inserted easily. Notice also that the “I” in this paragraph is a dropped cap; using CSS made this fairly easy.

See what happens to the pumpkin graphics when you move your mouse to it.

carved pumpkin-T