John Morris Benson in 1949
John Morris Benson in 1989
John Morris Benson in 2009
John Morris Benson in 2019

An Odyssey of Illusions by John Morris Benson
Good, Better, Best by John Morris Benson in Chicken Soup for the Soul – The Best Advice I Ever Heard
Echoes of Nam: Absence from war is not the same as peace of the soul. by John Morris Benson
Before Grandpa was Thirteen: Stories I told my Grandchildren
John Benson JB place holder by John Morris Benson
No date
An Odyssey of Illusions by John Morris Benson

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An Odyssey of Illusions


he + books + are still available on Amazon.
If you’d looked, you’d know ^ Place Holder^ is not a book.

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John Morris Benson is a member of Oregon Christian Writers
I am a Christian who writes, but Christian content is not my forte`.

‘TWAS BLIND BUT NOW I SEE by my granddaughter Sarah Keimig. An episode related to her story has been released by Adventures in Odyssey.

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