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My current blog “Back Then I” is a Nov. 26, 1917 letter from my Grandfather Bjorn to his family. That winter, Bjorn worked for Kimball Lumber Company, LTD. Its general office was in Swift Current, Saskatchewan – over 300 miles north west from Charlson, ND. Bjorn had a shorter trip of just 270 miles. That would be less than a day trip by road in the 21st century but a very long trip during a severe winter, even by rail. Josine and nine children were necessarily left to fend for themselves because there was no income in Charlson at the time.
I paragraphed Grandpa’s letter, but I made no other changes as I transcribed it.

My current review is William Faulkner’s Light in August , and comments about other Faulkner writing under the “I, JMB say” tab.


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