When I was Young No. 32 – Stick Fight

Stick Fight

It was a cold winter evening in the Wilber house and Mother wasn’t home. She left me in charge! I took the stick out of the lower end of a window shade for a reason only an eleven-year-old would have.

I swished the stick around in the air as if to fight some imaginary foe. I took a few swipes at Lowell and he went off somewhere to read. David became my next target. He was not happy being the object of my thrusts even though I never actually touched him. Connie, Beth, Arne, and Ronald were too little to be targets or perhaps they were already in bed for the night.

David left for a while but when he returned, I started the thrusting and imaginary parrying over. He struck back.

I did not know that he had gone into the bathroom to get a weapon. It was a jar of Vicks VapoRub. I was in a superior position on the arm of our couch, but he fired the jar at me from close range. I don’t think he aimed for my head but the jar struck me hard enough to draw blood just above my eye. I don’t remember which eye it was but I remember the bleeding. It was a mess.

Mother arrived home about the same time as I was starting to clean up blood on the floor and kitchen sink. It came off the linoleum in the kitchen OK but Mother had to use some bleach to take the spots off the wood floor in the living room. It was probably a good thing for my wellbeing that it did not splatter on the couch or any of her doilies.

I’m not sure what my punishment was but I never attacked David again. Even when he was little, he stood up for himself.