atience I tell myself. Someone said, “Patience is a virtue.” So, then the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset is behavior showing high moral standards.

Many years ago, I typed a 30,000+ word manuscript with a Smith Corona portable. The proof-read copy was re-typed on a Smith Corona electric with a correcting cartridge, but paper alignment was a problem if an error was found after a page was removed. When I thought it was finished, I spent several days of time in a manual search of a publishers’ guide at the library for possible publishers. I carefully crafted query letters to 10 (if I remember correctly) publishers and submitted pages as guidelines required. Without copy-and-paste the body, then change the address, well you know.
I fussed internally for about 90 days – the number of days most of the publishers said was their response time. Nothing!
About six months passed, and I’d nearly forgotten about my attempt to get published when there was a letter from Random House in the box. “Thank you for your submission,” I’m paraphrasing, “but we’ve recently published other work in the same genre and cannot use your work at this time.” James Michener’s Alaska had just hit the stands. After reading it and seeing many things similar to what I’d written, I understood but got the feeling RH readers may have suspected the p word.
I found myself concerned that even though I followed all the steps (electronically of course) my self-published Nescient Decoy hadn’t made it to wholesalers in a few days. Aren’t electronic communications supposed to speed up these things? I started googling.


h, this is about patience!

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  1. Writers need to have an eternal perspective. Maybe somewhere, sometime my words will encourage or inform a reader. That’s my hope and prayer.

  2. Writers need an eternal perspective. Maybe someday, somewhere, something I wrote will encourage or inform a reader. That’s my hope and prayer.

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