Coffee Break


wesome! This message is for coffee lovers, coffee likers, and those who say they don’t need coffee, but drink it anyway. If you just have tea, substitute the t word wherever you see the c word.

The most recent study confirms that coffee is not going to kill us. Awesome, I say again! Scientific studies (not the ones that said the opposite) give evidence that the teeny-weeny little parts of coffee that are harmful are so insignificant that we are more apt to die from breathing than from consumption of them.

I cannot remember reading the study that confirmed that cranberries would not kill us. Well, I sort of remember something about one would have to consume a quart a day every day for about 20 or so years for whatever was in the cranberries to do the deed. Oh no! I’ve had about four or more cups (mugs) of coffee nearly every day for far more than 20 years. Four cups is a quart, so… But wait, I drank coffee not cranberry juice.

Then there’s water. A few years ago, a study indicated that mercury (the shiny stuff no longer allowed in thermometers, not the car) in Columbia River water was at a level that death could occur in some users. There is irrefutable evidence that in sufficient quantity, mercury is known to be toxic to humans.

However, I and many others over 80 are survivors of mercury in our mouths because it is found in dental amalgam fillings. Even so, scientific evidence, accumulated over decades, supports the view that there is no clinical evidence of mercury poisoning in people who have amalgam fillings in their mouths. (Well, some say so.) Mercury like nearly everything not manmade is a naturally occurring substance, found in air, water, and soil (Isn’t that everything?).


ell, I need to quit before I get into a great controversy I can’t talk my way out of of which I cannot talk my way out. Don’t want to end in a preposition!

And more important, it’s coffee break time.

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